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Dining meets Design

On my trip to London, I happened to visit probably one of the most beautiful restaurant in London ‘The Sketch’ located in upscale part of the city, Mayfair.

The dining gallery is designed by one of my favorite designer from Paris, India Mahadavi.

It has soft & subtle monochromatic pink interiors.The display of British Artist, David Shrigrey’s artwork are on the walls.

The bar Glade is seriously one of the prettiest room here.

It was last year redesigned on the theme of Mythical Forest.It is so beautiful & mesmerizing that you cannot takes your eyes off it for few minutes.

The carpet is thick & designed to give a look of forest floor.The walls have trees, seating are velvety & colorful, ceiling has tinted glass.The whole effect of the place is just beautiful with touches of gold.

To add on, there is a self playing Piano where diners can entertain themselves between meals

The loos were in the shape of eggs.

Another beautiful restaurant inside the sketch, is Michelin starred restaurant, the lecture room & library is designed by a leading Interior Designer. ‘Gahban O’ Keeffe’. The whole set up looks like a beautiful Sunset.

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